Real and proven side hustles for programmers

side hustles for programmers
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Having a lucrative side hustle can come in really handy at any time. Whether you are a freelance programmer or a full-time programmer, another source of income is always great.

There are examples where people have turned their side hustles into full-time jobs and are doing great. Some of them are even making more than their full-time jobs. It all boils down to your ability to focus with consistency.

Before we dive in, here’s a reality check. Side hustles for programmers are not that easy like a lot of content creators sell you the dream of a perfect side hustle online. While it is possible, they should also tell the other side of the story so the audience can make an informed decision. In order to build a successful side hustle, one must have patience and be disciplined. These things are easy to say and hard to implement. This is not meant to discourage you, but everyone needs to hear this out before starting a side hustle.

So, after the reality checks, let’s take a look at the top ways a programmer can earn money on the side.

1. Freelance programming:

As a programmer, you can offer your services to clients who need programming work done on websites like Fiverr and Upwork. You can set your own rates and work on your own time, giving you the flexibility to earn extra income while still maintaining your full-time job. Pick a language of your preference from this list and start your coding journey.

2. Creating and selling digital products: 

A programmer can make digital products like eBooks and online courses. There are people willing to pay for a good course or an eBook guiding them about the software engineering life cycle. Pick a topic of your expertise and start writing about it and compile it in an eBook or course. Now, you can sell these courses on Udemy, Gumroad, or even independently.

3. Developing and selling WordPress themes and plugins: 

If you have experience with WordPress, you can create and sell themes and plugins on platforms like ThemeForest or CodeCanyon. WordPress is considered a giant in its domain and the user base is growing.

Website owners are actively looking to improve their sites UI by applying eye catching themes and templates. Plugins for different use cases are also in high demand.

4. Teaching coding online:

If you have a passion for teaching as a programmer, you can start earning as a tutor in no time. There are certain platforms like Tutorme and tutor.com that can be utilized to tutor and mentor students from all over the world. Also, the earning potential from this side hustle is great.

5. Writing technical articles and tutorials:

A good programmer has no difficulty understanding complex concepts by reading the documentation and available resources for solving a certain problem. There is a great space for such content where a programming-related concept is explained in simpler terms and in-depth. There is always someone exploring programming and learning about the ins and outs of it. Classic examples of such websites are geeksforgeeks and Programiz.

6. Developing and selling software tools:

You can develop an app, a browser extension, a plugin, or even an app that provides some value and solves a problem.

For example, you can build an AI copywriting tool on top of chatgpt or you can build an AI content detection tool. It’s totally up to you. So, brainstorm ideas and get started on something that excites you.

7. Notion templates:

Notion is a platform aimed at note-taking and enhancing productivity. Most of the resources are free. But, there are paid ones too. People have made money by making notion templates and a clear example is Easlo.

You can start gathering an audience by building some free templates. When you have some audience, you can offer paid versions of it by adding more premium features or you can make new premium templates.

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