5 Best keyboards for programmers 2024

best keyboards for programmers
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Programmers work a lot at their keyboards, typing code and fixing bugs. Doing this over and over can hurt their hands and wrists if the keyboard isn’t designed well. Ergonomic and Mechanical keyboards are made to reduce strain and make people more comfortable. They’re really important for programmers who want to stay productive and healthy. When you’re looking for the best keyboards for programmers, these are the ones you should check out.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best keyboards tailored to the needs of programmers.

ASUS ROG Azoth Wireless Keyboard


ASUS ROG Azoth Wireless Keyboard has managed to get the number 1 place in our rankings.

The ROG Azoth keyboard is a game-changer for programmers looking for a reliable and efficient typing tool. Its wireless technology ensures over 2,000 hours of stable, low-latency performance in 2.4 GHz RF mode, making it perfect for long coding sessions without interruptions.

The OLED panel is a neat addition, displaying settings, visuals, and system info, helping programmers stay organized and focused on their code.

Besides its wireless prowess, the keyboard’s design prioritizes comfort and quietness. It features a special design that makes typing quiet and smooth.

The switches are easy to change and are designed to be smooth and quiet. Plus, you can customize the keyboard with a kit that includes tools and lubricant for the switches, allowing you to personalize it to your coding style.

When you’re looking for the best keyboards for programmers, this one is a top choice.

Cool Features:

  • ROG Speednova wireless technology
  • Zero latency Gameplay in 2.4 GHz RF mode
  • OLED smart display screen
  • Unique Gasket mount for a silent and smooth typing experience
  • EDIY Switch Lube Kit

Corsair K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS Keyboard


Next up in the list of best keyboards for programmers, we have the Corsair K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS Keyboard.

This wireless programming and gaming keyboard is designed for top performance in a small size. It’s easy to customize, with keys you can switch out and a colorful light strip all around it.

You can connect this keyboard to your computer in three different ways: super-fast wireless, regular Bluetooth, or by plugging in a cable. It also has special keys that you can change to make them feel just right for you.

This keyboard is small and tough, so it fits well in small spaces at home or when you’re traveling. It also has a long battery life, so you can use it for a long time without needing to charge it. Plus, it lights up with lots of colors to make it look cool. You can even turn off the lights to save battery and use it even longer.

Cool Features:

  • Swappable MX switches
  • 360-degree RGB LightEdge
  • 3 ways to connect
  • Equipped with 100-million-keystroke Cherry MX Red key switches
  • up to 32 hours long wireless battery
  • Easily fits inside a durable aluminum frame

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Logitech Ergo K860


Logitech Ergo K860 wireless keyboard is considered the programmer’s favorite.

It has an improved typing posture which enables the programmers to code naturally using a curved, split keyframe. Users have reported less muscle strain on the wrists and forearms.

It is Ergonomist approved. United States Ergonomics has certified this keyboard to enhance posture and lower muscle strain.

It is not just for programmers looking for ergonomic keyboards but for everyone who has to type a lot during work.

Cool Features:

  • Adjustable palm lift
  • Wireless range ( 10 m)
  • Enhanced typing position
  • Pillowed wrist rest
  • Perfect keystrokes
  • Can connect with a USB receiver or Bluetooth
  • Full-size layout

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KeyChron V1


KeyChron V1 has been labeled as the best budget-friendly keyboard by Programmers and Experts in keyboards, alike.

The Keychron V1 is a cool mechanical keyboard that’s perfect for programmers. It’s small but mighty, with 81 keys and a compact design that saves space on your desk.

What’s really neat about the V1 is that you can customize it however you like. You can easily change the keycaps and switches to make it feel just right for you. Plus, it comes with software that lets you program and change what each key does, so you can set it up just the way you want.

Another cool thing is that you can switch out the switches without needing to solder anything. So if you want a different feel when you type, you can just swap them out yourself. And it works with both Mac and Windows computers, so you can use it no matter what kind of computer you have.

Cool Features:

  • Hot Swappable support
  • 81 Keys Mechanical Keyboard
  • Fully customizable
  • Supports both OS, MacOS and Windows
  • Double-shot PBT Keycaps

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KINESIS Freestyle Edge RGB Keyboard


This keyboard offers a versatile split design that’s great for both typing and gaming.

You can adjust the modules to fit your needs, whether you want to bring your mouse in closer for better aim in gaming, rotate the modules for optimal key coverage, or split them up to access other devices like a stream mic or mouse.

The detachable palm supports now come with thick cushioned pads for added comfort, and you can even add a tenting accessory to reduce forearm strain.

With 100% mechanical switches, this keyboard delivers maximum performance.

The dedicated SmartSet key and SmartSet app make it easy to remap keys, create macros, and customize lighting effects. Plus, it’s plug-and-play compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome, with no special drivers required.

Cool Features:

  • 100% mechanical switches
  • All 95 keys are fully programmable
  • RGB lighting
  • Complete customization
  • Plug n Play
  • Unique Design for typing and gaming


To sum up, when it comes to the best keyboards for programmers, ergonomic and mechanical keyboards are crucial. They’re designed to keep programmers comfortable and healthy during long coding sessions. The keyboards mentioned earlier are among the best options available, offering a variety of features to suit different needs. Investing in an ergonomic keyboard not only improves your typing experience but also contributes to your long-term health and productivity as a programmer.

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