Freelance programming, Is it worth your time?

Freelancing is hard if you don’t know what to do and what not to do. This is generally true for everything.

It is better to know about the complete picture in order to feel confident. Once you understand how to leverage your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, the probability of success increases drastically.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the benefits and challenges of working as a freelance programmer.


1. Be your own boss

You are self-employed now. You are handling all the departments as a one-man/woman army. From the front end to the back end to APIs to databases, you are managing everything.

You feel more responsible for your actions now, and that is always a good thing.

2. Work from anywhere

WFA is very lucrative. A lot of freelancers choose to freelance mainly because of this.

All you need is a laptop and good wifi, and that’s it. Put on your game face and work from anywhere.

3. Work on cutting-edge technologies

A lot of job holder Programmers complain that they are working on old tools and technologies. And, that they would love to work on the latest tools and technologies.

Freelance programmers can work on new frameworks and tools, as they have more opportunities and diverse projects.

4. Great financial prospects

This should be at the top, yes?

Let’s be honest, Money is the greatest factor when we make important life decisions.

A lot of freelancers have earned a great sum of money. But it takes time, skill, and patience to reach that level.

5. More time with family

If you want a day off, you take a day off. Simple!

Okay, not that simple, but it is true that in a typical 9 to 5 job getting time off is hard relative to freelancing.

As a freelance programmer, if you are on schedule and meeting deadlines, taking a day (or even days) off would not result in any loss. This way you can spend quality time with your family quite often.


Every other article that you read online only covers the benefits part without telling you the complete picture.

You should not be demotivated by the challenges, rather it helps to make an informed decision. So, before reading the challenges, remember, if you remain disciplined and competent, you will soon learn how to tackle the ins and outs of freelancing.

Challenges are as important as benefits. So, let’s look at them now

1. Severe competition

Whatever niche you select, there is always going to be competition. People are already generating a substantial sum of money in every niche. As a beginner, it might take some time to become a pro in your domain.

You can see the severe competition for yourself on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

2. No Guarantee of steady work

Even if you are an established freelance programmer, there is no guarantee of steady work. 

Factors like recessions, competition, availability of projects, quality of the portfolio, etc. result in no guarantee of steady work.

3. Managing time

As a freelancer, managing time is crucial. In a day job, there are fixed work hours, but as a freelancer, you could be working 24/7 (which can lead to burnout) if you mismanage time.

So, working on your time management skills will help you in the long run.


In your early career, rejections are normal. Even if you are a pro, still, rejections are a part of the process. So, get comfortable being rejected once in a while.

I hope I have motivated you enough with the benefits of being a freelance programmer. And, also showed you the other side of it in the form of challenges.

There is no perfect job or business, there are always pros and cons. Otherwise, everyone would have been successful.

So, buckle up and give your absolute best every day.

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