Best freelancing websites for students

freelancing websites for students

It is always great to make some money as a student. You can pay for your expenses like rent, food, and tuition fees.

As a student, the best way you can make money in 2023 is by freelancing.

All you need is a skill, a laptop, and an internet connection. And, you are set to go.

I know it looks too good to be true, but that’s literally all you need to get started. We are certainly living in such times and should take fair advantage where possible.

Now, there are certain freelancing websites for students that I have picked for you to try out your luck.

I would highly recommend investing in an in-demand skill and learning it thoroughly before starting your freelancing journey. By doing this, you will improve your odds of succeeding in the long run. You can select from this list of top programming languages.

So, let’s look at the top 5 freelancing websites for students:


The best platform for newbies and professionals alike. The talent pool is crowded and you have to build a great profile by stacking up reviews and being responsive. I have personally tried and it is absolutely worth your time and effort as a student freelancer.

Either the clients reach out to you or the Fiverr algorithm shows you relevant jobs by the ‘It’s a match’ feature.


A more professional platform than Fiverr. The user interface is quite smooth and it is easy to navigate through the website or mobile app. You can expect better rates on upwork with the potential of long-term work. But you have to be a pro at what you do in order to attract relevant clients. Plus, Upwork makes sure that you get paid for your work with the Escrow feature.


Freelancer is another great addition to our list of best freelancing platforms. In order to succeed at freelancing, the strategies remain the same for any other platform. Just like Upwork, it also has great potential for better rates and long-term work. Whether you are a web developer or a writer and maybe a UI expert, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone on Freelancer. But beware of fake jobs and jobs with unclear descriptions. This goes out for every platform, not just freelancers


Guru is another great choice to get started as a freelancer. Just like Escrow, it offers a feature called ‘Safepay’ for ensuring that freelancers get their hard-earned money. Guru also provides project management tools for better project delivery.


Finally, we have peopleperhour. Just like any other freelancing platform, peopleperhour also offers a wide range of categories in which you can provide services. It offers project management tools and is great for beginners.

Implement the right strategies like:

  • Remain online
  • Have a good portfolio
  • Be responsive
  • Communicate clearly
  • Delivery within the deadline

In the beginning, it can be tough. It might take some time to build a great profile that showcases great reviews from previous clients. Moreover, you have to try your luck on multiple different platforms and see what works for you best. So, give your best and hope for the best.

P.S. If you want to explore more ways of side hustles as a programmer, check out these side hustles.

Happy freelancing!

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