The benefits of using a second screen while programming

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Using two different programming screens can come in handy if you are a programmer.

Whatever project you are working on, you need to switch between tabs to move on with the project.

This is frustrating and time-consuming. But if you have a second screen to work with, your productivity boosts up.

So, let’s look at some ways in which using a second programming language can be useful.

1. You save time:

The first and obvious benefit is time. Saving time is critical in close deadline types of situations. You can save up to several minutes daily.

2. Increased productivity:

Your time of switching between the screens drastically reduces, which increases your productivity.

3. Become more organized:

With a second screen, you can keep documentation open on one screen and the interpreter/IDE on the second screen.

At work, I always open Pycharm on one screen and Datagrip on another screen while coding. It is a game changer for getting things done quickly.

4. Easy on the eyes: 

There is always a primary screen and a secondary screen. You spend most of your time on the primary one. It would be best if you had the primary screen with a large display as it is easy on the eyes and reduces strain.

I have tested it myself.

5. Pro at multitasking:

As a programmer, switching between tabs and applications is necessary to get the work done. With two screens at hand, you are now able to multitask.

6. Better accuracy: 

A second screen can help you spot errors and typos more easily, leading to higher accuracy and better quality work.

7. Increased efficiency: 

Having a second screen can help you complete tasks faster, as you don’t need to constantly switch between windows.

8. Better work experience: 

A second screen can make your work more enjoyable and less frustrating, as you have more space to work with and can easily access the information you need.


A second screen is undoubtedly a great utility. A utility that all programmers should consider while working. I used to work on a laptop without a second screen. While I got the work done my experience was great. But a second screen was a blessing in disguise and I did enjoy the above benefits that I mentioned. So, all in all, a second screen will improve your productivity and overall work experience.

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